Friday, January 15, 2010

Cory Eggs

I am not too terribly optimistic about their chances, but I have some cory eggs. I isolated them because the other fish eat them. So this way they may have a bit of a chance.

Two of the eggs have hatched into tiny wigglers.

Today both wigglers have two distinct vertical bands on their bodies.

I guess I have about a dozen fry now. I am going to try releasing two of the larger ones into my smaller tank. The only fish that could possibly swallow them is the biggest gambusia, and I doubt that she would. The picture on the left is the larger of the two being transferred and the one below is of him (or her) in the tank.

It seems that the cories have stopped laying eggs. The eggs and small fry I have a lot more robust than I expected. So I am going to unclutter my main tank by taking them out of the breeder net and putting them in their own 1 gallon with a heater and airstone. The don't seem to ming much where they are and the tank looks nicer without the breeder net in it.

4 fry went in the 5 gallon tank and I thought they hadn't made it--but I saw this guy today so there is still at least one left. Two went into the 10 gallon and I think one of those is still going too.

Junior is out and free swimming out in the open--a full graduate of the Puddle Buddies creche :)


Karen said...

Interesting that their spots fade as they age much like fawns lose their spots.

Psyche Skinner said...

I assume in the wild it helps with camouflage, but in a tupperware container it makes them easier to see. :)

Barbara said...

Very interesting! The pics are great!