Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aquarium Snail Species (under construction)

Sulawesi Snail a.k.a. rabbit snail, tower snail, elephant snail
Breeding rate: low
These guys come in a range of colors. They can be a little pricey, $10 or more online with rarer species being more expensive. The most common variety sold is probably the species pictures which has a black shell and black body with yellow spots. The Sulawesi snail a relatively easy to look after. It is slow growing and appreciates fast moving water and rocks or wood to hide in. These snails breed slowly if at all, they are live-bearers producing 2-3 young at a time.

Brigs Snail a.k.a. apple snail, mystery snail, diffusa
Pomacea diffuse, formerly Pomacea bridgesii
Breeding rate: low

Spixi a.k.a zebra apple snail
Asolene spixi
Breeding rate: moderate
Similar to the brigs snail, the spixi tends to stay rather smaller at an inch or so long. It comes only on one color form, but the stripes vary between individuals. A single spixi will not breed. A male and female pair can breed quite prolifically for a large snail species. The female lays gelatinous clusters of several dozen pink-ish eggs, normally just below the water surface. These need to be removed and destroyed to avoid a population explosion. Spixi snails may not be traded over state borders.

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